Photo of phone

Initial Phone Conversation

Call (415) 501-9098 and leave your name, phone number, and good times to reach you. If it’s more convenient, you may send me this information via email.

It is helpful if you can suggest some times to call when you will have enough privacy to briefly discuss the issues you hope to work on in therapy.

When I call you back — usually within 24 hours unless you have specified another time — you will have a free phone meeting with me which will last roughly 10 – 15 minutes.

No assessment or clinical services will be done on this call. This is just an opportunity for us both to figure out if we should set up an initial appointment. We will talk about the issues you are seeking help with, you can ask me questions about my approach, and we will determine whether we might work well together. If you like, we may decideto do a free initial consultation meeting before committing to a first session. 

Scheduling the First Session

If our phone conversation indicates that I feel I can be helpful to you, and you also feel comfortable meeting with me, we may also schedule a first session which will be in-person, in my office on Monday – Friday, unless you opt for a premium weekend slot. This session will provide us both with more information about whether we want to schedule future sessions. If, after this meeting, you or I feel we cannot work together, I will help you to connect with another therapist who works well with your issues.


After we have set up our initial session, please proceed to my forms page.


Of course you would like to know how much your psychotherapy will cost. You can find out more on my fees page.