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Do you worry about online reviews skewing people’s ideas about your work?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ethical, easy way to show potential clients how your past clients felt about your psychotherapy services??

Getting Better is a copyrighted product developed to solve the problem of online reviews:

  • People seeking psychotherapy want to get better. 
  • They are looking for online reviews of psychotherapists.
  • Getting Better gives them the information they are looking for.
  • Getting Better is affordable, easy, and ethical for you to use.
  • You can track treatment outcomes AND the satisfaction dimensions that are most important to prospective clients.
  • Getting Better includes data that is usually absent from review sites, including presenting treatment issue, number of sessions, and other aspects of the doctor/patient relationship.
  • Show your potential customers the OVERALL trends of your practice as reported from all* who complete work with you, not just feedback from the few outliers who wanted to rant or rave about your services.
  • No technical expertise necessary. All you do is send an email to people who have completed therapy 4-6 weeks after treatment ends. We take care of the rest!
*Given that clients may opt out of completing the feedback surveys, not all clients will choose to participate. My practice has a 33% completion rate.

If you’d like to see more of what Getting Better looks like, see it in action on my Client Satisfaction page.

Licensing of this product gets you:
  • Your own Getting Better Survey with a link to your unique survey that you give to patients, after treatment has ended.
  • A choice of questions related to cultural sensitivity, as aspect of care important to many psychotherapy patients.
  • Language to use in your intake forms allowing clients to opt-into receiving a follow-up survey at the end of treatment.
  • Language to use when you send your clients their follow-up survey 4-6 weeks after ending treatment.

Getting Better was developed from feedback from 145 psychotherapy clients who completed an anonymous online questionnaire on what items they most wished they could learn about mental health providers from online consumer review sites.

Once you pay for your initial setup, you will not pay a cent more until you have received 15 responses from your terminated clients. Once you receive a minimum of 15 responses, a summary of your data will be sent via PDF and you can choose whether you want  a monthly or yearly subscription to continue using the product.

You will also be asked to fill out a brief survey describing your experience using this product since I also believe in this product Getting Better!

Individual clinicians will will pay $19 a month to subscribe and continue to collect and get access to data reports. If you really love Getting Better, and you know you will use it for years to build your database of feedback ratings, you can take advantage of a yearly subscription for $200.

Group practices have a tiered pricing structure, depending upon the number of clinicians in your practice. You will pay an additional $15 per clinician and the survey is set up with a drop-down menu for each clinician. You can add people (or remove clinicians) in the future. For the annual subscription if you end up wanting to purchase it annually, the fee is an additional $20 per year per person for up to 5 clinicians ($280). More than that, and the fee drops to $15 each for 6 more more clinicians: $290 for six clinicians: and an extra $15 for each new person added afterwards.

Get started now so that you can begin building your reputation as a professional who genuinely cares about Getting Better at providing good service, and who cares about your clients Getting Better.

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