Return From SXSW: Therapy 2.0 Report & Wiki

I wanted to provide an update on my recent experience at SXSW Interactive. I didn’t get to go to every panel I’d wanted to attend, but I believe most people come home from SXSW feeling that way. Therapy 2.0: Mental Health For Geeks which I co-presented with Thomas Roche, was well attended with somewhere between … Continued

BBC News: Internet Use “Good for the Brain”

BBC News published a story yesterday on internet use and how it may counteract some of the slowing down of the brain that occurs with age. The study only looked at subjects between the ages of 55 and 76 and compared web search activity with book reading and found that web searches engaged additional parts … Continued

Wall Street Journal: Angst is Rising, but Many Must Forgo Therapy

The Wall Street Journal published an article last week on how people are giving up their therapy due to financial concerns during this economic crisis. This is concerning to mental health professionals who want to stay in business, but it is more concerning that those who need ongoing treatment and those who are in crisis … Continued

Historic Mental Health Parity Bill Passed By Congress

A mental health parity bill was passed yesterday after more than ten years of of struggle towards getting it approved. This bill marks an end to insurance companies and employers discriminating against mental health, alcohol, and substance abuse disorders by setting higher co-pays and limiting the number of yearly visits to psychotherapists. This is exciting … Continued