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Client Feedback on My Services

My Getting Better Data

Since 2012, I have been sending follow-up surveys to people who finish their work with me (unless they opt-out of being sent the survey). I send one request with a link. Out of respect for client autonomy, I don’t nag or send repeat requests to complete it. 

My survey protects the privacy of people I’ve seen (only aggregate data is posted). Comments are never shared. In the interest of honesty, accuracy, and transparency, I include all responses I receive. I take the feedback — especially when it’s less favorable — seriously. I am grateful to those who have taken the time to provide it.

If you are a clinician who wants to use these questions, please understand that this is a copyrighted survey and is only available to use by purchase of Getting Better.

To understand more about why I’ve created this feedback survey, listen to my ten minute 2012 SXSW talk: “WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health?”

As of December 2020, my survey has been sent to 249 people.
71 people (28%) have completed it.

**If you are a former client of mine and you did not receive a link to this survey and you want to complete one, email or call me and I will send you the link directly.**

Click on each image to enlarge it. 

Issues You Addressed During Treatment

What issues did you address in treatment?


Were Your Goals Met?

Were your goals met?
Were your goals met?

Number of Sessions

How many sessions did you attend?
How many sessions did you attend?

Overall Client Satisfaction

Key: Scale range is 1 – 5
1 = Very dissatisfied
2 = Somewhat dissatisfied
3 = Neutral
4 = Somewhat satisfied
5 = Very satisfied

Please rate your satisfaction with our work together on the following dimensions.

Desire for Cultural Sensitivity

Was my sensitivity to culture or diversity an important variable for you?

How Satisfied Were You By My Level of Cultural Sensitivity?

If my sensitivity to culture or diversity was an important variable for you, please rate your satisfaction with this aspect of my work.

Likelihood of Referring Others to Me

How likely would you be to refer a friend or colleague to me?