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This page provides a compilation of my blog posts geared towards consumers of psychotherapy services. It will be updated regularly for those who are interested in this information only.

Demystifying Therapy

Demystifying Therapy: Theoretical Orientations – helps you to understand what it means when a therapist says they practice from a particular perspective.

Demystifying Therapy: Other Therapeutic Approaches
– Some other therapeutic approaches are explained.

Demystifying Therapy: Reflecting Teams – I write about Narrative Reflecting Teams, a specific type of training and therapeutic intervention.

Demystifying Therapy: Dual & Multiple Roles – I explain dual and multiple roles (when you and your therapist have other connections beyond just the therapy relationship), when and how these can be problematic, and how social networking is making this a bit more complicated.

Tools for Clients

Five Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Mental Health – My Return From SXSW post which includes the tips I presented in my session Therapy 2.0: Mental Health for Geeks.

Six Tips for Avoiding Injury to Self and Others on the Internet – Want to keep your emotional life and relationships on track? Here are a few pointers for using social media in healthier ways.

Taming Procrastination – offers various tips and links to online tools to get you unstuck.

Why I Love Co-working – Learn how co-working can help you get your work done and connect with your pals. Links to co-working wiki provided so you can find others who want to work with you.

Managing Difficult Conversations: How to Respond When Someone Says You’ve Said Something Hurtful – It’s not easy to hear it when someone tells you they didn’t like what you said. This post gives you a model for how to better manage these challenging moments.

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Tips for Clients

The Yelp Dilemma – I explain some things to consider before posting a review of your therapist online. This post includes some reminders about your privacy, and it also provides information about making ethical complaints if your therapist does something Really Wrong.

Finding a Sex Positive Doctor – Violet Blue interviewed me for the SF Chronicle and I provided some tips for how to find a sex positive therapist.

Therapy vs. Giving Advice – Why getting advice is not the same thing as psychotherapy.

Couch Surfing: When it Isn’t a Good Fit – My guest blog post for PsychCentral on what it means when a therapist says in an early assessment that you’re not the right fit.

A Guide to Choosing a Kink Aware Therapist – Announcement and link for an article I co-authored with Geri Weitzman, Ph.D. on how to find and choose a therapist if you’re a BDSM identified client.

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