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The 5th revision of Ed Zuckerman and Keely Kolmes’s The Paper Office for the Digital Age, was released in November 2016. We are very excited to have updated this classic and made it relevant for those who are integrating technology into their practices.


Book Chapters

Kolmes, K. (2016). Digital and Social Media Multiple Relationships on the Internet. In Ofer Zur (Ed.) Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Unavoidable, Mandatory, and Common Relations Between Therapists and Clients. Taylor & Francis.

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Kolmes, K. & Taube, D.O. (2019). Yelped: Psychotherapy in the time of online consumer reviews. Practice Innovations. DOI: 10.1037/pri0000093.

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Non Reviewed Articles

Kolmes, K. (2018). Joining the #MeToo chorus: Reporting harassment during psychology graduate training. The Independent Practitioner. Fall, 2018.

Kolmes, K. (2018). What’s ahead for psychology in the digital age? The California Psychologist. Fall, 2018.

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Kolmes, K. (2010). Developing my private practice social media policy. Independent Practitioner, Summer 2010, 30 (3), pp. 140-143. **Awarded Best Article of the Year in the IP by Division 42 of APA.**

Kolmes, K. (2010). Creating a Social Media Policy for your Practice. The California Psychologist, July/August, pp. 28-29.

Web Publications

Kolmes, K. (2015, October). An introduction to BDSM for psychotherapists. [Web article]. Retrieved from:

Taube, D.O., Kolmes, K., & Vogele, C. (September, 2014). Preliminary Report: Without My Consent Survey of Online Stalking, Harassment, and Online Invasions of Privacy [PDF]. Retrievedfrom:

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Kolmes, K. (2010). A psychotherapist’s guide to Facebook and Twitter: Why clinicians should give a Tweet!,

Kolmes, K., & Taube, D.O. (2010). Clinical implications of therapist-client interactions on the Internet: Boundary considerations in cyberspace. American Psychological Association Division of Psychotherapy.

Educational Pamphlet

Kolmes, K., & Weitzman, G. (2010). A guide to choosing a kink-aware therapist. the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.


Kolmes, K (2003). BDSM consumers of mental health services: the need for culturally sensitive care. Doctoral dissertation, CSPP-AIU. Reprinted and catalogued by CSPP-AIU library.

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