Social Media Policy

Since 2010, my Private Practice Social Media Policy has been internationally cited across health and medical disciplines and used as a teaching tool in various venues and by various respected organizations. I have made my Social Media Policy available to all clinicians who want to modify or adapt it for their practice. I have never asked for any compensation for this.

Clinicians frequently ask me if they may view or use the Private Practice Social Media Policy that I share with my clients as part of our treatment agreement. This policy explains how I conduct myself on the Internet and how I will respond to potential online interactions that may occur between my clients and myself.

My Social Media Policy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This means you are welcome to copy or adapt this policy to suit your own practice needs. If you use my policy for training or educational purposes, you must cite me as the original author. My copyright specifies that you may not use this work for commercial purposes. You are welcome to download a pdf of the policy.

Now in 2020, I am offering a donate button in case you would like to make a financial contribution for using my policy. Thank you for anything you contribute!

Updated Social Media Policy, 2020!

I have also completely updated and revised my policy. This updated policy will soon be for sale in my store. And it will soon be offered in an annotated version for Continuing Education credit with Zur Institute. You can read a copy of my updated policy, get CE credit, and find out what your own ethics code says about online interactions with clients.

How I Developed My Policy

When I made my policy public, I was featured in On Good Authority’s CE program on Social Media. Here is a brief sound clip from that interview.

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