Dear Everyone: Letters on Being TGNC

I sit in my office with my client. She tells me she feels fragile. After months of planning, she finally told her family that she is transgender. It was over the phone. They were mostly supportive. They suspected such a conversation might be coming. They also had a lot of questions. Her sister said, “Well, … Continued

In Love and Struggle: Creating Space for Difficult Dialogues About Power, Privilege, and Oppression in Intimate Relationships | Guest Post by Dr. Sand Chang

This is a guest blog post on the theme of enhancing relationships, to celebrate the launch of Keely Kolmes’s upcoming monthly Relationship Skills Workshop. The first workshop will meet on Saturday, April 11th. The second one, just for singles, is May 16th. You can sign up here for newsletter updates. Those who receive the newsletter will get … Continued