The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

And so we sit together, my client and I. He is weeping, deep sobs making his large body quake. Tears over a woman who could not return his love. I sit with him, holding his despair. My eyes also feel wet and sad, but I notice other feelings within myself. First there is anger – … Continued

Dear Everyone: Letters on Being TGNC

I sit in my office with my client. She tells me she feels fragile. After months of planning, she finally told her family that she is transgender. It was over the phone. They were mostly supportive. They suspected such a conversation might be coming. They also had a lot of questions. Her sister said, “Well, … Continued

Wickr: HIPAA-Compliant SMS App Tested by Two Psychologists

By Keely Kolmes, Psy.D. and Kristina Monroe, Psy.D. Dr. Monroe is a licensed psychologist who has private practice offices in Beverly Hills and South Pasadena, CA. She maintains a general psychotherapy practice but also specializes in serious mental illness as well as psychological assessment. We know one another from APA Division 42’s listserv, and we … Continued

Yelp-Proof Your Clinical Practice – Alpha Launch!

The most common consultation question I’m asked is “What can I do about the negative Yelp review I just received?” Until now, there hasn’t been much that we can do other than do good work, listen to our clients’ feedback, and hope that we don’t upset someone enough for them to want to publicly complain … Continued

Living Social and Groupon, a Guest Post by Adam Alban, Ph.D., J.D.

Recently, on the Division 42  listserv, which I moderate, there was a thread about Living Social and Groupon. I referenced my former post on this issue and posed the question as to whether others believed this constituted “fee-splitting” as prohibited by our ethics code. My colleague Adam Alban, Ph.D., J.D. responded, and I thought his ideas about … Continued

SXSW 2012 – WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health?

I’m back from SXSW, where I got rained on HARD and also got to network and socialize with some of my favorite people. My session was on the challenges raised by consumer reviews of healthcare providers. You can read the Storify story of tweets below. Thanks to everyone who came and asked great questions! Check … Continued

50 Things Therapists Need to Know About Working with LGBTQ Couples

The Bay Area organization, Gaylesta, (The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Psychotherapists Association of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area) is organizing a project called 50 Things You Need to Know About Working with LGBTQ Couples. They are asking both psychotherapists and LGBTQ couples who have gone to therapy to submit brief information about that experience … Continued