Consultation Time with Dr. Keely Kolmes



Sometimes people don’t want or need a full hour of consultation. You may just have a “Quick Question,” you want to ask via phone or email. But answering these questions takes time and consideration.

I love being helpful, and I dedicate a set number of hours a week to pro bono services. But due to the high volume of emails and phone calls I receive, responding to quick questions translates into my providing unpaid services outside of my dedicated working hours. I do not offer consultation via email.

Consultation is part of my business and how I earn my living. My Quick Question fee helps you get thoughtful answers to your questions in 15 minute segments without my providing additional free services.

I offer consultation on digital and social media ethics issues in clinical psychology, branding, assistance with engaging your audience, as well as technical and social media marketing consultation (e.g., helping you set up your Facebook privacy settings or adjusting notifications or invitations on LinkedIn). I also provide feedback on web copy, writing, and articles.

I don’t offer SEO help or setup of Google analytics or AdWords, but I can refer you to people who do that very well.

I also offer consultation to people wanting to build and maintain a fee for service practice. I have never been on any insurance panels and I built a successful practice in a saturated marketplace between 2008 – 2009. I can work with you on goals, planning, and implementation of marketing strategies.

Feel free to book your consultation now.