Dr. Robin Rosenberg

I’d heard wonderful things about Dr. Kolmes and their social networking policy. Everything I’d heard was true. Their policy is so thoughtful, collaborative, and caring (and of course ethical), that I immediately incorporated it into my policies. Then I had the good fortune to attend one of their workshops. They provided a wonderful “frame” for thinking about social media in clinical practice (and personal use), and they empowered all of us to apply our ethical code to social media and the various clinical situations we face in our practices. I learned so much from them. They were helpful in using the ethical guidelines as a structure for thinking through the issues and contextualizing the choices they’d made in their practice, but also created space for practitioners who make different decisions after careful clinical consideration. Since then, we have served together on an ethics committee and an ongoing peer consultation group. Both have given me an opportunity to become more familiar with their collaborative consultation style, as well as their clear ethical compass.