What's So Bad About Facebook Editing Our Feeds?

The internet has been ablaze the past few days with commentary on Facebook’s non-consensual “mood manipulation” research. You can read the paper based upon the study here. It has been critiqued by many, including Violet Blue, who writes in Facebook: Unethical, Untrustworthy, and now Downright Harmful, about the choice to tamper with 689,003 people’s emotional well-being, but … Continued

Six Tips for Avoiding Injury to Self and Others on the Internet

Ah the Internet. It gives so much to us in terms of support, connection, and the ability to obtain and absorb information. And then, in an instant, it can also take so much away: feelings of pain, jealousy, feeling left out, or trying to interpret messages from pixels on the screen. The Internet makes it … Continued

Enabling Comments on My Blog

For a long time, out of legal and ethical concerns, I’ve deprived myself of allowing comments on this blog. I had worries that clients might identify themselves or that people might share things in the comments that would make themselves vulnerable or which might require some action on my part or create an inadvertent clinical … Continued

SXSW 2012 – WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health?

I’m back from SXSW, where I got rained on HARD and also got to network and socialize with some of my favorite people. My session was on the challenges raised by consumer reviews of healthcare providers. You can read the Storify story of tweets below. Thanks to everyone who came and asked great questions! Check … Continued

Goodtherapy.org Responds Thoughtfully to Complaints About Contest

Earlier this week, a colleague brought my attention to a contest that was being run on Goodtherapy.org. The contest invited participants to compete for six months of free weekly therapy sessions with the therapist of their choice. Participants entered the contest by posting a public comment sharing the following information: What are the obstacles currently preventing … Continued

Results of Study on Therapist-Client Interactions on the Internet

Therapist-Client Interactions on the Internet Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. The summary of the results of the research Dan Taube, J.D., Ph.D. and I conducted on psychotherapists who have had intentional and accidental extra-therapeutic encounters with their clients on the Internet are posted on my research page. A larger slideshow can … Continued

Taking Control of Facebook's New Location Feature: More Privacy Woes

Facebook has released a new Location feature that already has critics — including the ACLU — worried about privacy concerns. As someone with a Facebook account, I found myself once again wondering why it was that I was hearing of new features on Facebook from news sources, rather than being notified of them when logging … Continued