Still Time to Vote on SXSW 2010 Panel: From Freud to Facebook

The PanelPicker doesn’t close until the end of the day next Friday, September 4th. So if you like the panel I’m co-proposing with Dr. John Grohol, and you haven’t yet voted, please do. We are working on adding some great speakers who are working within technology and psychology. And please know that comments and questions are also encouraged on the PanelPicker page.

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Psychology and the Internet: From Freud to Facebook

With the popularity of online social networks and services, what’s the psychology behind how people use them? How is the Internet changing people’s lives for better (or worse)? What does the research show about how people use Facebook and Twitter? Can you get effective mental health treatment online?
Our panel will address the following questions:

1. What is research telling us about technology and mental health?
2. How are Facebook and Twitter changing our relationships with others?
3. How is technology being used to help people with mental health concerns?
4. Is e-therapy a viable alternative to face-to-face treatment?
5. Are people’s online identities merging with their real life ones, and if so, what are the ramifications of this?
6. Is technology creating new types of psychological or personality challenges?
7. How do online support groups work and are they effective?
8. What computer software programs are most helpful for which issues?
9. Is Internet addiction something to be concerned about and if so, what do you do about it?
10. What clinical and ethical issues arise when combining mental health with technology?

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