Preparing for SXSW Interactive – Two More Relationship Panels

A couple of SXSW panels that I’d really like to attend managed to slip through the cracks. I’m going to blame it on the plethora of amazing talks and panels overwhelming me on my first pass. But I want to give these two a mention, as I think they should be very interesting.

Friendship is Dead by Russ Unger and David Armano will explore the difference between online and offline friendships. They ask, whether social networking tools have diluted the meaning of friendship and what it really means to add or “collect,” friends. I’m interested in topics like this which address issues of relationships and community, and how social networking can expand or constrict our notions of connection.

Also, Nerd Baiter: Using the Gadgets to Get the Geeks by Tara Brown sets out to look at how people can use social networking to attract potential dating partners. Brown says she will explore both services and applications which can be used by people to get more of what they want out of their dating lives. I’m looking forward to learning more and hearing the conversaiton that ensues.

With the Festival only just a week away, I’m getting very excited. See you in Austin!

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