CrossCurrents Special Issue on the Digital Couch

CrossCurrents: The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, has released their Winter 2009/10 issue which is centered on “The Digital Couch.” This issue focuses on the Internet and mental health. I was interviewed for “MySpace is your space: Internet blurs professional boundaries,” and they have published my recommendations to clinicians who wish to avoid boundary violations in their clinical practice. I also provide information on some of the places other than Facebook or LinkedIn where therapists and clients may cross paths on the Internet. You are welcome to download a printable version of the article.

The rest of the issue includes articles about online self-assessment on Google, blogger support communities, online therapy, and an analysis of treatment for Internet addiction. The issue also includes a Q&A on ethical, legal, and licensing issues in clinical work online, and a brief introduction to “the Net generation,” for clinicians unfamiliar with online life. So be sure to check it out if you are interested in clinical issues and digital life!

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